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Icon - Smart Calendar

Smart Calendar

Fast, user-friendly and paperless

Icon - Digital Weather Station

Digital Weather Station

Sunny, rainy or just cloudy?

Icon - Cinema Program

Cinema Program

Be always up2date

Icon - Digital Photo Frame

Digital Photo Frame

Displaying pictures of your loved ones

Icon - Daily Newsfeeds

Daily Newsfeeds

The New York Times, BBC or CNN?

Icon - Soccer Results

Soccer Results

Current matches, table standings at a glance

Smart Calendar

Smart Calendar - Fast, user-friendly and paperless

Enough with messy calendars: Never tear down, flip or rewrite a calendar again! No mix-ups due to a change in plans or cancellations. The digital Smart Calendar Thync is the solution for simple appointment scheduling. Forgetting appointments, birthdays or meetings is now a thing of the past.

Customizable user interface

Customizable User Interface

Various designs and wallpapers let you personalize the Smart Calendar Thync however you see fit. Display your own pictures in the background!

Stay always connected

Stay always Connected

In addition to personalized calendar settings- and presentation options, the Smart Calendar Thync supports the synchronization and connection of several different appointment calendars. So you'll always be connected with your family members, friends and business partners! 

Digital Weather Station

Another feature of the Smart Calendar Thync is the digital weather station. Its simple and elegant design provides weather forecasts at a glance: the current outside temperature, humidity, wind speed, rain probability and rainfall. Plan your outdoor activities accordingly to the current weather forecast and the forecasts of the next few days.

Digital Photo Frame

Digital Photo Frame - Displaying pictures of your loved ones

Who hasn't experienced this? You're on vacation or out with friends. You take countless photos with your smartphone and then you never see them again. They get lost and impossible to find along with the rest of the beautiful pictures inside your smartphone. With the Smart Calendar Thync it is now always possible to have these unforgettable and emotional moments displayed. Photos can easily be uploaded to the Thync worldwide. Send spontaneous holiday greetings to the Thync of your loved ones and share your special holiday moments. Or send the latest family photos directly to your grandparents. Countless moments can be shared with the Smart Calendar Thync.

Daily Newsfeeds

Daily  Newsfeeds - The New York Times, BBC or CNN?

You'd like to be kept up to date on the latest news from all over the world? The Smart Calendar Thync always keeps you informed. With the newsfeed function and its clear and modern appearance, you'll always have an overview of the most important news topics of the day. The news overview gives you a quick and easy way to find out about the latest topics, sensations and breaking news.

Cinema Program

Justice League? Olaf's Frozen Adventure? Or The Disaster Artist? Be inspired by the Smart Calendar Thync: See which brand-new films are currently airing in the cinema or create an overview according to your personal taste. The stylish interface of the cinema program gives you an insight into the current top cinema films.

Soccer Results

Soccer Results - Current matches, table standings at a glance

Live scores, final results, standings and the next matches. The Smart Calendar Thync keeps you up to date on your favorite leagues. Be actively involved, even if you're not able to be in the stadium or watch the match in front of the TV. The Smart Calendar Thync always shows you the most important information - in real time!



How Can I Switch Between The Different Functions? All functions are clearly displayed on the screen via slideshow. Which functions you'd like to have displayed as well as the duration of their display can be conveniently set via the Smart Calendar Thync App. Naturally, the functions can also simply be clicked through with the help of the forward switch on the display. If the slideshow isn't needed because, for example, you only need one functionality, a simple press of a button in the app can give you full control of what gets displayed.

Gesture Control

The most comfortable and innovative way to change the functions of the Smart Calendar Thync provides a new level of gesture control, which has been implemented alongside other sensor technologies. This allows you to quickly and easily switch back and forth by moving your hand. A short upward movement allows you to display further information about your current function. With this feature, the Smart Calendar Thync has an unprecedented level of advanced and user-friendly control that leaves no room for unnecessary complexity and complications.

Mount the Thync on the wall

Mount the Thync on a wall...


Thanks to a long lasting innovative Lio-Ion Battery you can set up the Thync wirelessly

Put the Thync on the sideboard

...or put the Thync on a sideboard

With its elegant design and stand, the Smart Calendar Thync fits perfectly in every design-oriented environment

Smart Calendar Thync App

Smart Calendar Thync - For Android and iOS

No additional remote control is required to control the Smart Calendar Thync. An intuitive app for Android and iOS gives you the ability to easily communicate with your product anytime and anywhere.

Whether choosing the background of your calendar, uploading photos or setting the selection criteria for movies, it works quite straightforward through the specially designed app. 

Core of Our Product

Raspberry Pi Zero W

Raspberry Pi Zero W - The Core of Our Product

The Smart Calendar Thync works together with the Raspberry Pi Zero W. The Raspberry Pi Zero W extends the Pi Zero family. Launched at the end of February 2017, the Pi Zero W has all the functionality of the original Pi Zero, but comes with added connectivity, consisting of:

  • 802.11 b/g/n wireless LAN
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Why Smart Calendar Thync?


Icon - Paperless


Smart Calendar Thync replaces the paper calendar

Icon - Saving


A separate calendar, a weather station or a digital photo frame are no longer needed

Icon - Just One App

Just One App

Other Apps for news, sport or the cinema program will no longer be necessary

Icon - Updates


New updates will add new functions and keep Thync always updated

Icon - Wireless


Thanks to the rechargeable battery, the Thync is independent of the main power supply

Icon - User-Friendly


The operation of the App makes a annoying remote control unnecessary