Will there be an app for android and iOS?

Yes, there will be an app available for iOS and Android.

More information about our app can you find here.


Will there be more design and graphic options for the Smart Calendar Thync?

At the moment there are already a lot of selectable design options. We will be creating more design options in the future. We hope that there will be a marketplace for the Smart Calendar Thync design options made by enthusiasts someday.

Can you use the Smart Calendar Thync without an internet connection?

No. The goal of the Smart Calendar Thync is to keep you up to date with the latest information at any time. This is only possible with an internet connection.

What happens if the Smart Calendar Thync temporarily loses its internet connection?

The Smart Calendar Thync will use its saved settings and synchronized information to run. As soon it is reconnected, the information will be updated automatically.


What are available colors for the Smart Calendar Thync?

The Smart Calendar Thync is available in the colors black and white.


How long will a fully charged battery last?

With the correct settings, an average battery cycle of the Smart Calendar Thync can last for up to 5 days.


Is it possible to mount the the Smart Calendar Thync on a wall?

Yes, it is. The Smart Calendar Thync has innovative wall mounting brackets on the backside of the housing that make it possible to mount it on a wall.

Can the the Smart Calendar Thync be placed up on a flat surface?

Yes, a removable stand will be supplied that will allow you to set your Thync upright at a slight angle on a flat surface.


Will the Smart Calendar Thync be updated?

Yes, with an Internet connection, the software can be updated online. Additionaly, our goal was to design a product for customers, with customers. In this regard, we aim to continue implementing the ideas and wishes of our customers in to the Smart Calendar Thync.

Will the updates cost money?

The majority of updates will be free of charge. There may be a fee for some optional updates for niche features.


What countries do you ship to?

We will ship worldwide. But please note that the Smart Calendar Thync will be certified only for FCC, IC and CE. It means that the Thync complies to the standards of Switzerland, the EU, USA and Canada. Additionally, depending on your country, taxes and duties may apply to your cost, which we cannot reimburse. If you don’t live in one of those countries and still order a Thync, it’s on your own risk. We cannot guarantee the import or compliance with the regulations, nor can we provide any information on other costs or problems, e.g. if customs requires local certification or stops the import.

Which transportation service provider will ship the products?

We will ship the products via DHL.

Packaging Content

What is the packaging content?

  • Smart Calendar Thync
  • USB-B Loading Cable
  • Removable Stand
  • Wall Mounting Brackets


Is there any warranty if the Smart Calendar Thync is defective?

Yes. The Thync is covered by one-year warranty.


How can I get in contact with the Smart Calendar Thync team? 

Please wirte us an e-mail with your questions to