Smart Calendar Thync

The World's Smartest Digital Calendar


Smart Calendar Thync

The World’s Smartest Digital Family Calendar

Managing the daily schedule, full of appointments and tasks, is a nightmare for most families. Many businessmen and professionals find the compatibility of work and family calendars almost impossible. With the Smart Calendar Thync, we from the Vitec GmbH would like to help families master this challenge.

With the Smart Calendar Thync you can synchronize the appointments of the whole family as well as display them clearly and visually on the Thync - in real time! Forgotten birthdays, anniversaries or school performances of your children are a thing of the past.

If the calendar function is not needed, the Thync can also be used as a digital picture frame or digital weather station. A detailed description of all product functions can be found under Product. All product videos can be found here.

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Smart Calendar Thync

The Family's Best Schedule Synchronizer

Every mom and dad knows how hard it is to keep track of all appointments, business meetings and events during the week or month. The Smart Calendar Thync wants to support families precisely in this regard.

Tablet vs. Smart Calendar Thync

What's the difference between the Thync and a Tablet?

If you ask yourself, what’s the difference between the Smart Calendar Thync and a Tablet then just watch this video and see the main advantages of the Thync.

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